A Little Bit About Dejay

Founded in 1968, we are proud to be celebrating over 40 years in the Awards business. Since our inception we have been family-owned and operated, with a primary goal of total customer satisfaction.

Our awards have stood the test of time and are backed by our Lifetime Warranty .They have been used in motion picture and television productions, hang in artist's homes, record company lobbies, and even in the Sultan of Brunei's palace.

Many of our competitors are new to this business and are just now beginning to understand the complexities involved in building an award plaque. Our experience and years in the business gives us a unique advantage, in that we can replicate the authentic designs of the past, and we have the knowledge and graphic design capabilities to make modern awards of the highest quality and originality.

Using reliable, time-tested techniques, and quality materials such as Plexiglas instead of ordinary, breakable glass, as well as adhesives of proven reliability we can make your awards stand the test of time too...

The Staff of Dejay Products stands ready to serve you
utilizing our unique Online Design facilities.

You may contact us at
7511 Aurora Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103
E-mail: dejaygold@dejaygold.com