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We first met Andy when he came in to request designs for a commemorative plaque celebrating the success of his book "7-String Guitar". Since then we have learned a great deal more about this talented artist.

Andy started playing in his early teens, after being exposed to music at an early age by his mother, who often played classical piano for him. He dedicated his teenage years to practicing his instrument between 12 and 16 hours a day, while studying theory, eartraining, composition and improvisation with Linc Chamberland, Ted Greene and Chris Risola.

Andy began supporting himself soon after by teaching others. Andy came up with his unique technique by watching his mother use both hands on the piano, and adapted this style, so he could play the melody, chords and bass all at the same time. Andy calls this technique "Table-Top Guitar".

Andy's compositions come from within. He considers harmonic contents a part of his soul and a building block for what he calls "Melodic Instrumental Mood Music, with emphasis on Rock, featuring Two-Handed Tapping Technique". Andy has a wellspring of ability on the fingerboard and his compositions exhibit depth, taste and original expression with a wealth of harmonic content. In his compositions, one can hear influences from such greats as Steve Vai, Vivaldi, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Eric Johnson, Brahms, and Larry Carlton.

After spending the last few years touring world wide, Andy currently resides in Los Angeles CA, where he continues to compose, record, teach and perform. Since his relocation to Los Angeles, Andy has written the first ever Seven String instructional aide titled "Seven String Guitar." Seven String Guitar is quoted by Steve Vai and is currently breaking all instructional aide sales records according to the publisher Hal Leonard Corporation. Andy has also started his own publishing company called "From Up Above Music" / ASCAP which has been licensed to Universal Music Group and is featured on several compilations. Andy also has been performing clinics nationally for some of his endorsees.

Andy is very particular about his equipment and proudly endorses Ibanez Guitars, Eventide Processors, SIT Strings, Dimarzio, Cakewalk and Levy's Leathers.

"Just A dream" is a Enhanced 5 song EP.  It can be played in your PC, Mac, or conventional CD player.  If played in your PC or Mac you can view an exciting multimedia experience including photos, Bio, three videos and much more. "Just A Dream" exhibits taste, original expression, and technique that you have never heard or seen before! Andy's performance on "Just A Dream" is a marriage of fire and finesse.

"Just A Dream" is on sale now for $10.00

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By: Andy Martin

Hal Leonard is proud to present "7-String Guitar", the first-ever method book written especially for seven-stringed instruments. It teaches chords, scales and arpeggios, all as they are adapted for the 7-string guitar. It features helpful fingerboard charts, and riffs & licks in standard notation and tablature to help players expand their sonic range in any style of music. It also includes an introduction by and biography of the author, tips on how to approach the book, a guitar notation legend, and much more!


"Andy's book, '7 String Guitars,' is a practical and useful tool for 
approaching the 7 string beast.  It offers the players the opportunity to 

expand their finger-fetishing vocabulary." -Steve Vai

$12.95 (US)
Inventory # HL 695508
ISBN: 0634015761
UPC: 73999204797
Width: 9
Length: 12
96 pages


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If you are interested in taking guitar lessons from Andy Martin please email him at lessons@andymartinmusic.com.  Andy even provides long distance personalized lessons through email, mail and audio tapes on any subject, style, theory, technique, etc.

Check back!  Andy's next CD "Sell Your Soul" is coming soon.

Visit Andy's website at www.andymartinmusic.com