Design Specification Form

The design for your plaque(s) may be selected from the Standard Layout Sheet or from our website Catalog/Showroom.


Custom design and mock-up services (Record labels excepted) are available starting at $50 for the first mock-up and $10 for each subsequent change.

In order to minimize work and errors we require that you submit a detailed drawing or sketch along with the following information:

1. Layout : Plaques can be made in two formats, please circle one: Horizontal ..

2. Backgrounds: can be Poster or Mat. If poster please supply high resolution art or indicate art to be used. If Mat please indicate color preferences (if any) or you can leave this to us to match: ______________________________________________

3. Cost: is dependent upon size, content and frame style. Including multiple LPs, CDs, charts, photographs etc means that the plaque needs to be larger and is therefore more costly. Please indicate budget limitations: $150.. $200.. $250.. $300.. $350 ..$400.. $500 + (Additional costs will be added for CD purchases and Shipping)

4. Contents: a)Please circle any of the following you wish to be included in your plaque(s)

12" LP.. 7" single.. CD.. CS ..album cover ..CD booklet art.. label art

(b) If you also wish to include any of the following please circle:

Billboard Chart.. Photograph.. Grammy Certificate.. Logo.. Signature

(c) Frame Style:

Circle one: Black wood (standard).. Gold/Silver antique.. Black Metal.. Other _____________

5. RIAA Certifications: If your plaque is to include an RIAA Hologram we have to obtain an authorization from the label. Please provide your album/single title, artist and credit below in detail: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Additional comments which will help us to make your design:



Contact Name:_________________ Email:____________________________ Telephone #_______________________

Please note that a detailed drawing or sketch must be emailed or faxed along with this form to:
(fax)206/784-9109 or (email) dejaygold@dejaygold.com



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10 Ways To Be Sure You Get What You Want ( a tip sheet for ordering)

Note: FRAMES are available in an almost unlimited range of styles and colors